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Letter sent by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein to Daily Pilot and copied to us here.

I was very disappointed with your coverage of the speech yesterday at UCI [Islamic Head Blasts] You simply rehashed his propaganda, except now for a wider audience and included clearly false information.

The title of the entire article is not factual because he is NOT a leader.  You wrote that Al Asi is the leader of The Islamic Center in DC – which he is clearly not.  Rather he is a marginalized radical that was kicked out of the mosque in DC nearly a quarter century ago! By his own admission, he is not the Imam of a mosque, and prays outside.

Since the speaker repeatedly called for an end to Israel, and that Israel will be wiped off the map, I was surprised that this was not the headline.  After all, calling for genocide is a serious crime.  Calling on the US to stop supporting Israel is his right—calling on Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran to wipe out Israel is horrendous and deserved mention in your article.

In addition, the annual week of events that vilify Israel and the Jews was called “Holocaust in the Holy Land” last year, and has a different name each year.  Your article said it was the annual “week of seminars, “Israel: Apartheid Resurrected,””  which is simply not true.

In addition, your article had only one symbolic quote from a member of the Jewish community, when there were plenty of Jewish students and leaders in the area to interview, some with Kippahs.

In addition you write, “the strife between Israel and Palestine has led to conflict at UCI recently, with the federal government and Hillel Foundation of Orange County both investigating allegations of anti-Semitism on the campus.”  This is also false.  The federal government is investigating whether the civil rights of Jewish students have been violated. Not visa-versa.

Please immediately print a retraction of the mistakes in the article.

I hope that in future articles you will have a chance to utilize more critical investigation of the subject matter;  that you will recognize the clear-cut references to genocide, mass-murder and support for outlandish conspiracy theories; that you challenge them on the the content of the propaganda speech we heard yesterday replete with misinformation and lies.

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein


The Hillel at UCI, together with Anteaters for Israel have developed a pro-Israel campaign to run along side the Israel: Apartheid Resurrected week.

Two things that seem obvious are: The Muslims students are much better at PR and they have way more money.

got diversity?
got democracy?
got freedoms?
got rights?

got peace? got israel.

This is cute, sort of catchy, in an I-can’t-speak-proper-English-way.

Lets see what the Muslims plan:

Why Palestine?
12-1pm @ flagpoles —> Imam al Asi

6pm @ crystal cove—> Imam al-Asi

May 15
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Lenni Brenner

The Trail of Tears- Roots of Israeli Apartheid
6pm @ crystal cove—> Dr. Hatem Bazian

May 16
Antisemitism: The Zionist Facade
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Rabbi Weiss

Israel: A Mockery to Democracy
6pm @ crystal cove—> Lenni Brenner

May 17:
Terrorists, Freedom Fighters and the Holy Land
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Amir Abdel Malik Ali

The UC Intifada: How You Can Help Palestine
6pm @ crystal cove—> Amir Abdel Malik Ali

Luckily, the MSU are a bunch of complete radicals without any clue about the Middle East.  Most people will ignore what they have to say.  Most will just make their way to campus and ignore the speakers.  So we could too — take a break, a breather.

Well maybe its because we are all survivors in one sense.  Their lies and propaganda affect me and all Americans and we better stand up to be counted.

We all know that academics are know for getting accolades for piling up bull-shit, the higher the better. Clearly, the university spokesperson Susan Menning is contributing some fertilizer to campus with this obvious bull as read in the Daily Pilot.

“The concept of anti-Semitism or any type of racism is abhorrent to the chancellor, and we welcome any information that would help UCI be a hospitable place for anyone and everyone,” Menning said about the proposed task force.

If in fact the issue of anti-Semitism was abhorrent — than why has Drake repeatedly refused all calls to condemn it publicly and unequivocally?

If in fact he welcomes any information that would help UCI be better, why has UCI not acted fore years, when these issues were well documented and presented to the campus?

If in fact he is sensitive to Jewish students, why did he spend an entire meeting with their leadership engaged in telling the students how bad he had it as an African American, and not empathizing with the students concerns?

If in fact Drake cares, and again, all signs point to the fact that Drake doesn’t give a damn, why is he letting the University become the training ground for Jihad in Orange County.

Clearly he has some issues.

new university tolite paper

Recent articles in the UCI student Paper, the New Univeristy, are bereft of analysis of any kind, offering the MSU yet another venue to spew lies and falsehoods. For example in this article:

“The MSU believes the use of titles such as ‘Holocaust in the Holy Land’ and ‘Israel: The Fourth Reich’ illustrate the very real parallel between tragedies in the past – like, but not limited to, the Nazi policy of extermination against Jews, gypsies and other minorities during World War II – and the systematic genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people today.”

Bangee said that as a result of Israeli policies, more than six million Palestinians have been evicted from their homes, and three times as many Palestinians as Israelis die as a result of violence.

It would be funny were it not a such a boldfaced lie. Even the Palestinian numbers don't reach this kind of nonsense.

And what does the University do? it lets the MSU and its membership continue to spread lies, propoganda, hate, venom, and sickness without regard for the schools policies and regulations. Lying is against school code, right Manuel?

We have reprinted the crap below to make sure it doesn't get lost. Read More »