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A Warm and Fuzzy Taliban?

Update: In a speech to UC Davis students, Ridley wasn’t reluctant to display her hatred to our brave soldiers.

“Thank God I was captured by the most evil, brutal regime in the world and not the U.S. military,” she said.

I guess the Taliban isn’t so bad after all, well….. that’s what Islamic activist and journalist Yvonne Ridley implies as she recounts her experiences as captive. As I wrote in my submission to New University, Ridley painted a rosy picture of the regime:

Or that any of the 9-11 hijackers were ever trained under their asylum. Ridley’s Taliban is in fact a glorious and merciful one: one of handsome and valiant soldiers, glowing ivory-clad clerics, and cure-all doctors as she expressed in her speech last Tuesday. Wow! I guess we Westerners are pretty naïve.


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