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Reut Cohen has been on the scene documenting Muslim Student Union activities and the Universities’ complicity with the use of campus to spread lies, propaganda, and hate.

Day 3: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

… Much of the Arab world is simply offended by the idea of a Jewish homeland. This is why the Arab world declared war on Israel in 1948. The fact that many Muslims teach their children to hate Jews everywhere, especially in the Palestinian territories, is a testament to this fact. They don’t make the distinction between “Jew” and “Israeli” or “Zionist” when they express their hatred.

Dovid Weiss and the Neturei Karta are funded by the PLO. They meet with terrorists worldwide. They defend terrorism. They are terrorists.

Weiss is by far the most disgusting individual I’ve encountered at any MSU event this week. He is vile in every sense of the word.


Day 2: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

On May 15 Lenni Brenner, a Marxist who is blatantly anti-Israel, came to speak at UC Irvine at an event sponsored by the Muslim Student Union (MSU). During his talk Brenner stated that the Zionist Jews helped to orchestrate the Holocaust and collaborated with the Nazis. Brenner also stated that Israel is not a democracy (maybe he thinks that Saudi Arabia is a democracy).

Day 1: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

Mohammad Al-Asi lectured at an event titled “Why Palestine?” from 12-1. I was not able to attend the event….

However, I have a clip in which he answers a question pertaining to Jews and Zionism. He suggests that “Zionist Jews” have no business being in the Middle East when the majority of Arab countries are against them. He starts getting into how it may make sense for Israel to be geographically located in the Pacific since it is less likely people will take issue with an Israel (a “Zionist” country) in that region. At the very beginning, he claims to not be an “authority.” I think it is pretty clear he is certainly no authority whatsoever.




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