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Many faculty and staff at UCI try to pass off the anti-Jewish racism on campus as “imported” from off campus. This is simply not the case. The anti-Jewish racism is blatent and obvious among the student body.

Muslim students look at Jewish students with disgust and distrust. They created an atmosphere of sever hostility but bringing in the speakers – yes – but the hate runs deep at UCI.

Here is a recent editorial apologist for the school. While some info is correct – they have Shabbat dinners – much is a white wash. Jewish students feel uncomfortable there because they are Jews. Having Shabbat dinner in the Warsaw Ghetto was also Shabbat Dinner. It didn’t mean that everything was fine.

The Orange Grove: UC Irvine safe for Jewish students

Instances of outsiders’ hateful speech don’t reflect the reality on campus.

UC Irvine professor of chemical engineering and materials science, chairwoman of the UCI Academic Senate

My teenage daughter told me recently, “My friend at school said that since she and some of her friends were Jewish, it was not safe for them to walk around the UCI campus.”

Why in the world would this untruth be spread around Orange County?

I have been a professor at UC Irvine for 17 years. While we have had many speakers on campus, including former President Jimmy Carter recently, who have thoughtfully critiqued Israel’s political strategies, our school’s challenge is hateful speech, most clearly illustrated by a small subgroup of the Muslim Student Union who delight in inviting the most provocative and anti-Semitic speakers to campus each spring.


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