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Letter from Jewish & Pro Israel Student Leaders at UCI

To Whom It May Concern:

As you may already know, the spring quarter at UC Irvine is a trying time for Israel advocates, as it is generally associated with the Anti-Semitic rhetoric brought forth by the Muslim Student Union during their “Anti-Zionism Week” (last year entitled “Holocaust in the Holy Land). The purpose of this letter is to inform you of what Jewish students and other Israel advocates on campus have planned for this quarter in terms of our own message and our response to the hate-filled message of the MSU. You are getting this letter because the students of UC Irvine see you as a partner in the effort to advocate for Israel on our campus, and hope that you will continue to move forward as our partner.

In the past, there has been a divide between what has been planned and what has actually happened, as this period of time can be very emotional, and even the best laid plans can fall by the wayside in favor of a more emotional and oft irrational response to the fervent hate being spewed on our campus. However, this year, we have labored to put together a strategy that we feel serves the best interests of our students at UC Irvine, and hope that you will use whatever influence you have to ensure that the Jewish community of Orange County, upon whom we rely for so much, will stand next to us as partners, rather then opposite us, as a divided people, striving for the same goals.

We have decided to further the message that we promote during every other week of the school year, that being a pro-Israel message that does not waver at the behest of another group, but one that is solely ours. The Jewish Students, led by Hillel: The Jewish Student Union and Anteaters for Israel will be holding a week of events, bringing together all of our on- campus partners the week of May 7, 2007, which will proactively promote the pro-Israel message on UC Irvine’s campus. We hope that in doing so we will shape the MSU’s message, rather then the other way around.

We look forward to your input, as we greatly appreciate any help that the Jewish Community external to UC Irvine can give to the students, but we also hope that you will partner with us in a peaceful, pro-Israel message during the following week, beginning May 14, 2007, which will serve as the MSU’s “Anti-Zionism Week”. We will have a message, and that is actively promoting Israel, and we will be giving out information to counter the false claims made by their speakers, but we will behave with dignity and respect for our fellow UCI students. We ask that if you find yourself making your way to our campus that you follow our lead, and behave accordingly.

We do not mean to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, as we are not in a position to do so, we merely wish to inform you of what our intentions are during this period of time, and ask for your support, in any way that you can give it. But we also ask, that in your support, if you are on our campus, that you actively take part in our plan, as we are the people who are responsible for the actions of the pro-Israel community on campus.


Alex Chazen
President, Hillel: The Jewish Student Union

Emily Shaaya
Co-President, Anteaters for Israel

Karin Kahen
Co-President, Anteaters for Israel


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