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The Hillel at UCI, together with Anteaters for Israel have developed a pro-Israel campaign to run along side the Israel: Apartheid Resurrected week.

Two things that seem obvious are: The Muslims students are much better at PR and they have way more money.

got diversity?
got democracy?
got freedoms?
got rights?

got peace? got israel.

This is cute, sort of catchy, in an I-can’t-speak-proper-English-way.

Lets see what the Muslims plan:

Why Palestine?
12-1pm @ flagpoles —> Imam al Asi

6pm @ crystal cove—> Imam al-Asi

May 15
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Lenni Brenner

The Trail of Tears- Roots of Israeli Apartheid
6pm @ crystal cove—> Dr. Hatem Bazian

May 16
Antisemitism: The Zionist Facade
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Rabbi Weiss

Israel: A Mockery to Democracy
6pm @ crystal cove—> Lenni Brenner

May 17:
Terrorists, Freedom Fighters and the Holy Land
12-1pm @ flagpoles—> Amir Abdel Malik Ali

The UC Intifada: How You Can Help Palestine
6pm @ crystal cove—> Amir Abdel Malik Ali

Luckily, the MSU are a bunch of complete radicals without any clue about the Middle East.  Most people will ignore what they have to say.  Most will just make their way to campus and ignore the speakers.  So we could too — take a break, a breather.

Well maybe its because we are all survivors in one sense.  Their lies and propaganda affect me and all Americans and we better stand up to be counted.


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