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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Dissecting the Jewish Federation of Orange County’s letter about UCI:

Over the past two and a half weeks, there has been a great deal of anti-Israel/anti-Semitic activity on the UCI campus which has resulted in numerous calls and emails to the Federation.

All of this was predicted and the same as year’s past – just worse.

Hopefully you have received the invitation for the Town Hall Meeting with UCI Chancellor Michael Drake this coming Wednesday, May 30th at 7:00 P.M. at Congregation Shir Ha Ma’alot in Irvine.

Why not at the JCC? or Tarbut? Why a Synagogue?

These activities included former President Jimmy Carter speaking on campus as well as the Muslim Student Union’s “Holocaust Remembrance” week (where their goal was to belittle the importance of the actual Holocaust), and their annual anti-Israel week – this year titled “Israel: Apartheid Resurrected.” As in the past, the week was filled with vitriolic speakers who came with a message of hate that was spread through half-truths, manipulations, and out-right lies, as well as their rendition of the “apartheid wall” – which stood about 40’ long and 15’ high and was filled with graphic pictures, statements, and lies.

The wall was fifty feet long. The events were more than just bad speeches. There was thuggery, blood libel symbolism, Jews called Nazis and more.

Over this time, most Jewish students avoided the area where the MSU was holding its events. WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE OF THIS?

And for those students who did come by, many of them felt their tensions and anxieties rise. Throughout the week, there were several minor incidences involving alleged harassment and misconduct towards the Jewish students.

All students were encouraged to inform the university as well as to file formal complaints. In addition, ADL, Jewish Federation, and Hillel leaders were present throughout the week; interacting with the administration and campus police officials, supporting the students, and speaking with reporters.

Yes you were there and doing nothing. We dragged you over to sing with the students. How can you be the leader of the Jewish community without leading? What in the world is interacting? is that like talking with them? How were you supporting students? Provide specifics please. Reporters??? Oh, so you get to speak to reporters about how you are interacting with the administration and meanwhile they are saying that Jews are Nazis and you are passive.

During the course of those two weeks, the Jewish and pro-Israel students continued their quarter long “got peace? got Israel” campaign which focused on the diversity, democracy, rights, and freedoms within Israel. The campaign which started at the beginning of the quarter with ads in the papers such as “got diversity?” “got democracy?” culminated in a week geared at educating the campus about Israel, what the country stands for, and its universal desire for peace. Students were given “got peace? got Israel” shirts and there was food and entertainment the entire week. In addition, students handed out information specifically about the speakers and refuting the blatant misrepresentations and horrific pictures and images depicted on the “apartheid wall”.

got peace got Israel is a waste of money. A poor excuse for a response.

In the months and weeks leading up to these events, Hillel and Federation leadership have been meeting with UCI administration, faculty and students to determine the best course of action to take under these difficult circumstances. We have worked together with the AJC and ADL and with many concerned community members so that our voices could be heard clearly and concisely.

It is in that spirit, UCI Chancellor Michael Drake has agreed to meet in an open town hall format to address our community concerns directly. Over 300 people have already RSVP’d for the town hall meeting. If you are concerned as we are about these events, we encourage you to RSVP immediately and be part of the conversation. You can reserve a seat by sending an email to or by calling 949-435-3484 or 714-755-5555, ext. 344.

The challenges ahead will be difficult but we must continue to act as a community and do everything possible to continue to build Jewish identity on campus and ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all students.

We hope to see you next Wednesday evening!

Shabbat Shalom,

Shalom C. Elcott

Chief Executive Officer

Jewish Federation Orange County


UC Irvine MSU Accosts FBI, Demands Explanation

Here’s an update on the story of the FBI agent at UC Irvine, who was accosted by Muslim students and possibly assaulted with a cinderblock (although everyone’s being very vague about that little detail); the agent actually sounded his siren and used the car’s PA system to warn the students who surrounded his car in a dead end street: FBI: agent was investigating vehicle when confronted by student.

It’s astounding that the FBI let these students get away with this outrageous behavior. Maybe it’s a result of all those CAIR-sponsored sensitivity training sessions.

An FBI agent confronted by a Muslim student at the University of California, Irvine, earlier this month was trying to get a closer look at a “suspicious” truck at the time, federal authorities said Sunday.

The agent had followed the truck to the campus from a separate location as part of an investigation that was unrelated to the school or student activities, bureau spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said. “The investigation the agents were engaged in had nothing to do with the UCI campus or student activities there,” she said. [Why not? Monitoring the activities of radical Islamic front groups is exactly what the FBI ought to be doing. —ed.]

The FBI’s response comes after a Muslim student said an agent bumped him with his car near the site of an anti-Israel protest on May 14. Yasser Ahmed, 21, said he noticed he was being followed by a car with blackened windows as he drove a 24-foot moving van on campus to pick up an exhibit, sponsored by the Muslim Student Union, that protested Israel policies in Palestine. [Unbelievable. Speakers called Jews “Nazis,” called for jihad and martyrdom, and spread sick antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial—and calls it “protesting Israel policies” in a nonexistent country. Could they possibly be any more biased and misleading? —ed.]

After he got out of the truck and asked the driver to identify himself, he claimed the driver then revved the engine and began pushing Ahmed back with the front bumper before driving off. …

The FBI said the incident occurrent on a dead-end street after a group of people surrounded the car of one agent.

“The agent blew his siren and used the cars PA system to warn” the group, the bureau said in a statement. “At that point, it was clear that this was a law enforcement vehicle. At least one person threw or placed a cinder block under the law enforcement vehicle.”

From LGF

UCI Intifada: Preaching Terror on Campus

  • Yesterday, I visited the Crystal Cove Auditorium at UCI to hear Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a radical Islamic activist sponsored by UCI’s Muslim Student Union. As soon as I arrived I could hear his typical racist vitriol on how the Jewish people are the greatest threat to civilization; the same sentiment I had heard months earlier when I heard him at the front of the flag polls praising Hezbollah’s war of attrition against
    Israel. This time it was different. As soon as I took my seat, with Sony camcorder in hand, many members of the audience gave me the stare of death. One guy sitting next to me told me to put my camera away. “The speaker doesn’t want to be audio or video recorded, he said. I refused. So a band of thugs from the Muslim Student Union started to flood the aisles, blocked my camera view, and threatened to get the police If I didn’t stop recording. The police never came. From talks with them afterward, they seemed unsympathetic to Mr. Ali and his army of spawns. Dean Edgar J. Dormitorio, in charge of security at the event, finally told me to go. So I succumbed to his wishes.
  • The intimidation didn’t stop there. Members of the Muslim Student Union tracked my movements as I walked across the 1500 acre campus and stalked me to my next class. As soon as I sit down, I received similar stares. A man comes in class with his little sister, who I assume attended the Holocaust revival speech with him, and snaps a picture of me.
  • Why did the MSU’s thugs shove and demand that I empty the footage from my camera? We have all heard Mr. Ali preach hate before, what was different about this time? If they sponsor men like Mr. Ali, why are they so paranoid and embarrassed about what he has to say?
  • In the spirit of full dislosure, here is some raw footage of my struggle to capture the speech before I was forced to shut the camera off.

Rabbi Yonah Clowns with Neturei Karta at UC Irvine


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American Idol Jihad Edition


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Reut Cohen has been on the scene documenting Muslim Student Union activities and the Universities’ complicity with the use of campus to spread lies, propaganda, and hate.

Day 3: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

… Much of the Arab world is simply offended by the idea of a Jewish homeland. This is why the Arab world declared war on Israel in 1948. The fact that many Muslims teach their children to hate Jews everywhere, especially in the Palestinian territories, is a testament to this fact. They don’t make the distinction between “Jew” and “Israeli” or “Zionist” when they express their hatred.

Dovid Weiss and the Neturei Karta are funded by the PLO. They meet with terrorists worldwide. They defend terrorism. They are terrorists.

Weiss is by far the most disgusting individual I’ve encountered at any MSU event this week. He is vile in every sense of the word.


Day 2: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

On May 15 Lenni Brenner, a Marxist who is blatantly anti-Israel, came to speak at UC Irvine at an event sponsored by the Muslim Student Union (MSU). During his talk Brenner stated that the Zionist Jews helped to orchestrate the Holocaust and collaborated with the Nazis. Brenner also stated that Israel is not a democracy (maybe he thinks that Saudi Arabia is a democracy).

Day 1: MSU’s Apartheid Resurrected

Mohammad Al-Asi lectured at an event titled “Why Palestine?” from 12-1. I was not able to attend the event….

However, I have a clip in which he answers a question pertaining to Jews and Zionism. He suggests that “Zionist Jews” have no business being in the Middle East when the majority of Arab countries are against them. He starts getting into how it may make sense for Israel to be geographically located in the Pacific since it is less likely people will take issue with an Israel (a “Zionist” country) in that region. At the very beginning, he claims to not be an “authority.” I think it is pretty clear he is certainly no authority whatsoever.



Letter sent by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein to Daily Pilot and copied to us here.

I was very disappointed with your coverage of the speech yesterday at UCI [Islamic Head Blasts] You simply rehashed his propaganda, except now for a wider audience and included clearly false information.

The title of the entire article is not factual because he is NOT a leader.  You wrote that Al Asi is the leader of The Islamic Center in DC – which he is clearly not.  Rather he is a marginalized radical that was kicked out of the mosque in DC nearly a quarter century ago! By his own admission, he is not the Imam of a mosque, and prays outside.

Since the speaker repeatedly called for an end to Israel, and that Israel will be wiped off the map, I was surprised that this was not the headline.  After all, calling for genocide is a serious crime.  Calling on the US to stop supporting Israel is his right—calling on Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran to wipe out Israel is horrendous and deserved mention in your article.

In addition, the annual week of events that vilify Israel and the Jews was called “Holocaust in the Holy Land” last year, and has a different name each year.  Your article said it was the annual “week of seminars, “Israel: Apartheid Resurrected,””  which is simply not true.

In addition, your article had only one symbolic quote from a member of the Jewish community, when there were plenty of Jewish students and leaders in the area to interview, some with Kippahs.

In addition you write, “the strife between Israel and Palestine has led to conflict at UCI recently, with the federal government and Hillel Foundation of Orange County both investigating allegations of anti-Semitism on the campus.”  This is also false.  The federal government is investigating whether the civil rights of Jewish students have been violated. Not visa-versa.

Please immediately print a retraction of the mistakes in the article.

I hope that in future articles you will have a chance to utilize more critical investigation of the subject matter;  that you will recognize the clear-cut references to genocide, mass-murder and support for outlandish conspiracy theories; that you challenge them on the the content of the propaganda speech we heard yesterday replete with misinformation and lies.

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein

Open Letter to UC President, Re: UC Irvine

Dear President Dynes:

I wish to express my outrage at the fact that a UC school is holding a blatantly anti-Semitic event, “Israel: Apartheid Resurrected,” next week. I do not object to the First Amendment rights of the students and speakers involved. I do object, however, to the fact that California taxpayer dollars are being used to fund and facilitate such a hateful event.

The instances of racism and anti-Semitism present in the scheduled program are almost too numerous to count—but here is a start.

(1) Advocates for Israel are referred to as “Zio-Nazis”—the title of the May 15 lecture to be delivered by Lenni Brenner. Describing the defenders of the Jewish state in terms of the most terrifying enemies of Judaism and all humanity—Nazis—is an ad hominem, hateful, racist accusation. It is specifically calculated to twist the knife in Jewish families with painful memories of the Holocaust.

(2) The event program specifically calls for an “intifada.” Throughout history, in a political context, “intifada” has meant only one thing: a violent uprising designed to kill non-Muslims. There is no other definition—though one of the speakers, Hatem Bazian, desperately claimed there was after the enormous public outcry regarding these April 10, 2004, words of his: “Well, we’ve been watching intifada in Palestine, we’ve been watching an uprising in Iraq, and the question is that what we are doing? How come we don’t have an intifada in this country?”

Another speaker—Amir Abdul Malik Ali—is slated to give another talk on May 17 called, “The UC Intifada: How You Can Help Palestine.” Does the University of California really condone an effort to link its name with unrepentant violence?

(3) Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, is scheduled to speak on May 16. Weiss represents a hateful, miniscule cult of Haredi orthodox Jews called Neteuri Karta. This group bases a fanatical belief in Israel’s evil on an obscure Talmudic passage. Weiss has been universally condemned by Zionists and anti-Zionists alike for attending a Holocaust denial conference in Tehran, Iran, in late 2006. Nearly every major Jewish group in the world—including leaders of the Agudath Israel of America, the Orthodox Union, and the Anti-Defamation League—has rejected his views.

I hope that you will recognize the severity of this event. I hope, too, you understand the fanaticism, violence, and hate you are enabling by failing to take a stand against these speeches.

The University of California should be accountable to its citizens for the tax money its spends. Please stop funding and facilitating these evils.


Email addresses of note, for others wishing to speak up:
UC Board of Regents
President Robert C. Dynes