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We all know that academics are know for getting accolades for piling up bull-shit, the higher the better. Clearly, the university spokesperson Susan Menning is contributing some fertilizer to campus with this obvious bull as read in the Daily Pilot.

“The concept of anti-Semitism or any type of racism is abhorrent to the chancellor, and we welcome any information that would help UCI be a hospitable place for anyone and everyone,” Menning said about the proposed task force.

If in fact the issue of anti-Semitism was abhorrent — than why has Drake repeatedly refused all calls to condemn it publicly and unequivocally?

If in fact he welcomes any information that would help UCI be better, why has UCI not acted fore years, when these issues were well documented and presented to the campus?

If in fact he is sensitive to Jewish students, why did he spend an entire meeting with their leadership engaged in telling the students how bad he had it as an African American, and not empathizing with the students concerns?

If in fact Drake cares, and again, all signs point to the fact that Drake doesn’t give a damn, why is he letting the University become the training ground for Jihad in Orange County.

Clearly he has some issues.


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