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Monthly Archives: February 2007

We all know that academics are know for getting accolades for piling up bull-shit, the higher the better. Clearly, the university spokesperson Susan Menning is contributing some fertilizer to campus with this obvious bull as read in the Daily Pilot.

“The concept of anti-Semitism or any type of racism is abhorrent to the chancellor, and we welcome any information that would help UCI be a hospitable place for anyone and everyone,” Menning said about the proposed task force.

If in fact the issue of anti-Semitism was abhorrent — than why has Drake repeatedly refused all calls to condemn it publicly and unequivocally?

If in fact he welcomes any information that would help UCI be better, why has UCI not acted fore years, when these issues were well documented and presented to the campus?

If in fact he is sensitive to Jewish students, why did he spend an entire meeting with their leadership engaged in telling the students how bad he had it as an African American, and not empathizing with the students concerns?

If in fact Drake cares, and again, all signs point to the fact that Drake doesn’t give a damn, why is he letting the University become the training ground for Jihad in Orange County.

Clearly he has some issues.


Calling for Israel’s Destruction Not Anti-Semitic

Controversy has surrounded the protest of Daniel Pipes’ recent speech at UC Irvine. On Feb. 6, FOX 11 News interviewed Daniel Pipes about the event and subsequent protest by members of the Muslim Student Union. The most controversial topic to arise resulted from words expressed by someone addressing the protesters outside: “It’s just a matter of time before the state of Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth.” Gasp!

At this point everyone watching FOX 11 News is supposed to be thinking about how wrong and cruel these words are, and how barbaric and “anti-Semitic” the people listening and agreeing to them are. As the FOX anchorperson put it, “That is a threat to all of us. … Wouldn’t that be someone that the FBI would maybe want to talk to?”

Let’s spend a minute examining these words and what they mean.

“The state of Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Is this statement anti-Semitic? Let’s forget for a moment that the term itself has been grossly redefined by Zionists to mean “anti-Jewish”—does the statement imply that all the Jews living in Israel need to be exterminated? Or even that all Jews must forcibly be ousted from the Holy Land? Of course not. Read More »

Jewish group investigates UCI

Hillel Foundation to probe alleged anti-semitism.

IRVINE – A Jewish group said Tuesday it will form a task force to investigate “a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents” at the University of California, Irvine.The Hillel Foundation of Orange County said the task force will interview Jewish and non-Jewish students, professors, alumni, administration officials and religious leaders about their experiences during its year-long inquiry to “find out what is really happening as opposed to what is hearsay.”

“It’s not a witch hunt,” said Jeffrey Rips, the foundation’s executive director. “There’s a lot of people who are really concerned.”

The campus, about 30 miles south of Los Angeles, has a history of tension between Muslim and Jewish students that stretches back several years. Jewish students have complained that the school’s Muslim Student Union hosts guest speakers who support Hamas and Hezbollah and advocate the destruction of the Israeli state. Muslim students were outraged last year when cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were unveiled at a panel on Islamic extremism.

Mohamed Galal, who is listed as the contact for the Muslim Student Union, did not return a phone call Tuesday. E-mails to several other Muslim student leaders were not returned.


Officials with the Hillel Foundation said they decided to create the task force after dozens of Muslim students disrupted a Jan. 31 presentation by a noted scholar on Israel.An amateur video of the event shows about 50 Muslim students, many wearing prayer shawls around their shoulders, marching out of the auditorium and onto campus while clapping and chanting “anti-Israel” and “anti-oppression.”

“There seems to be a political atmosphere, an atmosphere of dislike for the state of Israel,” said Ted Bleiweis, a member of the new task force. “We understand full well that speech is protected under the First Amendment, but there’s also an obligation for the administration to exercise its right to free speech and unequivocally denounce this.”

UC Irvine officials were not aware of the task force until Tuesday and declined to comment about its formation until they had learned more, said James Cohen, university spokesman.

UC Irvine remains “committed to principles of free speech as well as addressing the issues raised in how free speech in exercised,” Cohen said, reading from a prepared statement.

Tension between Muslim and Jewish students flared last February when a Republican student group unveiled cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a panel discussion on Islamic extremism. Hundreds of Muslim students, many wearing green armbands, protested inside and outside the event, which drew many Jewish students.

The Muslim Student Union also drew national attention in 2004 when more than two dozen students wore green stoles to their graduation. They said the stoles symbolized their faith, but others said the clothing represented allegiance to the militant group Hamas and was meant to intimidate Jewish students.


We always knew that what was being waged on the campus at UC Irvine was a local intifada, complete with religious and political motivations and manipulation. Last night the MSU donned shirts that flat out state in large letters “UCINTIFADA”. There is no more guessing. There is no more maybes. These are hard core Islamic Radicals spreading hate and bigotry, misogyny and more, and undermining the fabric of the university, whatever is left of it.

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