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Monthly Archives: May 2006

new university tolite paper

Recent articles in the UCI student Paper, the New Univeristy, are bereft of analysis of any kind, offering the MSU yet another venue to spew lies and falsehoods. For example in this article:

“The MSU believes the use of titles such as ‘Holocaust in the Holy Land’ and ‘Israel: The Fourth Reich’ illustrate the very real parallel between tragedies in the past – like, but not limited to, the Nazi policy of extermination against Jews, gypsies and other minorities during World War II – and the systematic genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people today.”

Bangee said that as a result of Israeli policies, more than six million Palestinians have been evicted from their homes, and three times as many Palestinians as Israelis die as a result of violence.

It would be funny were it not a such a boldfaced lie. Even the Palestinian numbers don't reach this kind of nonsense.

And what does the University do? it lets the MSU and its membership continue to spread lies, propoganda, hate, venom, and sickness without regard for the schools policies and regulations. Lying is against school code, right Manuel?

We have reprinted the crap below to make sure it doesn't get lost. Read More »


By Roberta Seid, PhD and StandWithUsSource:
UC IRVINE’S MUSLIM STUDENT UNION is making the mistake
of bringing the most hateful, most radical speakers to this community – By Roberta Seid, PhD, and*

The guest speakers that UCI’s Muslim Student Union invited for Palestine Awareness Week (5-15 to 5/19) are disappointing and deeply disturbing. They cannot promote understanding or knowledge. They are extremist, fringe figures who foment prejudice.

Three of the four have been marginalized and denounced by their own communities.

Imam Muhammed Al-Asi was removed as Imam of the Washington DC Islamic Center in 1981 at the request of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern governments.[i] His “fiery sermons,”[ii] pro-Khomeini rhetoric[iii] and support for the Iranian revolution, which he called a “godsend,” earned him the enmity of established Middle Eastern states which he denounced as “client-regimes” of the US.[iv] He has been associated with the radical terrorist group, Hezbollah.[v] He regrets that Moslems were pushed out of Spain, defeated at the gates of Vienna in the 17th century and condemns the “infamous legacy of Ataturk”—the man who brought liberal reforms to Turkey in the early 20th century.[vi] He supported Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa calling for the assassination of author Salman Rushdie because his novel insulted Mohammed.[vii] He wholeheartedly supported the violent Intifada against Israel, saying at a rally in 2000 that “Rhetoric is not going to liberate Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa. Only carrying arms will do this task.”[viii] He is unashamedly against modern Western ideals. “Muslims take pride that they are not secular beings. We don’t want Westernism and Western modernity, which is proving to be a failure…”[ix]

Al-Asi justifies his anti-Semitism. He told an audience in 2001 that “You can take the Jew out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the Jew." He has claimed that Jews deserved the Holocaust, that "What the Jews refer to as 'anti-semitism' does not happen out of the blue! When the masses turn their wrath against the Jews it is not because the Jews are 'minding their own business…. the gentiles finally realize that the Jew thrives on regional and world wars so these gentiles turn their wrath against the Jew."[x] It is not surprising that Al-Asi has been a close associate of Ahmed Huber, the anti-Semitic neo-Nazi Swiss convert to Islam, who praised Khomeini as the “living continuation of Adolf Hitler.”[xi] In 1994, Huber was invited to al-Asi’s mosque where “he spoke about the "evils of the Jews" in the same language used by the Nazis and Hitler, whom Huber has defended as victims of "Zionist propaganda."[xii]
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Dear Editor,

I am the Associate Director of the American Jewish Congress in Los Angeles. I spent three days at UC Irvine to witness the hate speech and gross misrepresentations of Jews, Israeli's Americans and Zionists at the "Holocaust in the Holyland' week. I listened to the horrific lies of Norman Finkelstein under the guise of him being historian. I heard Malik Ali talk about extermination of Jews in Israel, short of saying kill, he used terms like "eliminate" when discussing Israel. I was followed by the campus police, and watched by the administration, so that I could not openly talk out, or disagee with a blatant lies made about history, or Jews. At the end of Malik Ali's hate speech, I finally had enough, and trying to get him to publically say it was about "the Jews" and not "those people" I was shouted down by repeated "Allah Akbars" and laughter. I understood that day,standing alone what it felt like to be a Jew in pre war Germany. I understood how fearful the hostages in Iran must have felt when the US Embassy was taken over. And I understand the double standards that occur when it comes to the UCI administration in taking a postion to facilitate peaceful diaglogue. I witnessed the supression of my freedom of speech for three days, until the very end when I could no longer stay silent.

I listened to three long tedious hours of Norman Finkelstein, who mocks the Holocaust Business, however has made a living on …guess what, The Holocaust business! His denial of the true implications of mass murder committed by the Nazi's is overshadowed by his hatared of being a Jew himself. I heard about "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" however, no one could answer why the Palestinian population has quadrupled since 1948.

I heard statements like "Zionism is not Judaism" by "Rabbi's" from Nutrei Karta who get paid to say what they do by the Saudi government after the death of their buddy Yassar Arafat. They recently met with Iran's leader (go to to see the clip) and called for the end to the Jewish State and Zionism. Just think, the MSU found a "sect" of Jews who number about 2000 more or less, to speak the "truth" for over 15,000,000 people.

There will always be useful idiots to speak for the enemy, and the MSU has found a coterie that they parade around from campus to campus, with the same tired speechs from last year. In fact, I can even quote Finkelstein's speech verbatum. You would think that for the $5,000.00 fee , hotel, food and airfare, that Norman could at least come up with another speeech, leaving out the "Ma, I found it I found it" lines in reference to his finding flaws with Joan Peters book "In Time Immorial". This speech is neither cute or funny. It is just feeding fuel to a crowd thirsty to hear a Jew talking about Jews in ways which they cannot.

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Open letter on Tolerance and Free Speech within a University Setting.
From Kristen Renwick Monroe, Director of the UCI Interdisciplinary
Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality (CEM)
David Easton, Philip Nickel, Mark P. Petracca, Roxane Cohen Silver,
Jerome Tobis, individual members of the Executive Board of the CEM.

We understand that student groups are presenting events this week entitled
"Holocaust in the Holy Land" and "Israel: The Fourth Reich."  As individual
UCI faculty members concerned with ethics, and without presuming to represent
any particular group or the university itself, we wish to make two points.
(1) We strongly support free speech for all groups, including those expressing
opinions with which we disagree or find abhorrent. Free speech is essential to
both a democracy and the intellectual life of a university. The speech planned
as part of the above-described events is legally protected speech.
When one disagrees with such speech, the best response is not censorship but
(2) However, at least as advertised, the events scheduled this week involve a
separate but closely related and important issue that should be addressed as well.
We recognize that as a public university, UCI is legally obligated to provide
free, open, public space for any group wishing to exercise their First Amendment
freedoms. We also recognize that doing so does not in any way mean the university
intends to confer a sense of institutional legitimacy to that event, simply by
providing the public forum for the event. But because the public may not be aware
of this legal requirement, the public perception may be that UCI is legitimizing
an event that, in this case, includes inflammatory and inappropriate language.
Thus, it is imperative that faculty speak out to note their condemnation of the
use of such provocative, inflammatory language tinged with hate, whatever the
source. To our minds, referring to Israel as "the Fourth Reich" and implying
that Israeli policies are analogous to the Holocaust certainly falls into that
unfortunate category and we strongly deplore the use of the terminology, both as
inaccurate and unnecessarily confrontational and offensive.
There are many units on campus, including the UCI Interdisciplinary Center for
the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality, that sponsor events that provide
free and open, but responsible discussion of controversial issues. We encourage
students and faculty to work with these units to address the difficult situation
in the Middle East in a more reasoned and less inflammatory manner.


From L-R: Malik Ali, Mr. Elchonon Kirschenbaum, Mr. Dovid Weiss

fourth  reich [Editors note: The quote discussed here was plastered on the MSU wall]

From Concerned UC Student Blog

Time and again, the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union makes a poster with the following quotation on it: "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."

They attribute the quotation to David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel.
They've cited as their source two different locations:

  1. The "Koenig Memorandum" (Shown IN FULL at the end of this post – see if you can find the quote)
  2. The books of Michael Ben-Zohar

Let me tell you that this is a completely FABRICATED quotation.102.00 GROUNDS FOR DISCIPLINE

Chancellors may impose discipline for the commission or attempted commission (including aiding or abetting in the commission or attempted commission) of the following types of violations by students, as well as
such other violations as may be specified in campus regulations:

102.01 All forms of academic misconduct including but not limited to cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, or
facilitating academic dishonesty.

102.02 Other forms of dishonesty including but not limited to fabricating information, furnishing false
information, or reporting a false emergency to the University. Read More »

Reprinted from Concerned UCI Student Blogposters

73% of the MSU posters for the Zionism Awareness Week violate size limit rules

UCI code – Section 42.20, part E, clause 5:
"Only one poster, flyer, or banner per event is allowed in each posting area. Unless otherwise approved, banner size may not exceed 5 feet by 3 feet."

Since they're posting "Holocaust in the Holy Land" in the same posting area as posters for specific events, I would think that would be a violation of the letter of the law.

To check on length limits, I powerwalked around campus, stopping at all of the MSU posters with a tape measure and here's what I found:

Three or four posters were coming off the wall or were completely on the pavement, probably due to bad tape jobs.

Of the posters which were still attached to the wall by at least two corners, only five were at 5 feet long or under.

Every poster was three feet wide.
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The LA Times broke the story of the UC Infitada on Friday, May 12th.

Fresh Muslim-Jewish Discord on Campus
Program titles are considered anti-Semitic by some at UC Irvine, site of civil rights probe.
By Kimi Yoshino, Times Staff Writer
May 12, 2006

Controversial events scheduled at UC Irvine next week with such provocative titles as "Holocaust in the Holy Land" and "Israel: The Fourth Reich" are sparking outrage among Jewish students who are asking administrators to denounce aspects of the event.

Will anyone listen? Will anyone care? Anyone in the Govenators office reading the Times?

Jewish students and community leaders say the program is the latest in a string of offensive incidents at the university. The U.S. Office for Civil Rights is investigating anti-Semitism at UCI, the first probe of its kind at a college.

"Instead of the university being a place for dialogue and discussion of important issues, it's being turned into a platform for hate speech and bigotry," said Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, a spiritual advisor at colleges in Long Beach and Orange County.

"This is intentionally inciting and hateful toward the Jewish people of the campus."

A complaint filed by the Zionist Organization of America in New York on behalf of Jewish students at UCI prompted the ongoing investigation, said Kenneth L. Marcus, former head of the office and director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

"There are things that are happening on campuses all over the country, but Irvine seems particularly severe to me," said attorney Susan Tuchman, director of the Zionist Organization's Center for Law and Justice.

Federal officials say they have seen an escalation in anti-Semitism at universities across the country since 2000, prompting the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to issue a report on the topic last month. The report, unrelated to UCI, urges university leaders to set a moral example by condemning hate speech.

The latest UCI controversy is centered on the Muslim Student Union's "Holocaust in the Holy Land" program scheduled throughout next week.
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Holocaust in the holy land flyer

Radical Islam has invaded our college campused, disrupted learning, spread lies and falsehoods. UC Intifada does nothing.

We are sickened by the recent campaign waged by the MSU entitled "Holocaust in the Holy Land." Its repulsive, offensive, and racist. UC Intifada has said they will not stop it.

Lets make this the last "Jihad of the Tongue" at UC Intifada. We must apply political and public pressure; show those that support UC Intifada that their money is being misused, show that state and federal grants are being misused by a school that is hostile to Jewish students.

We repeat: The administration has gone on record officially with the following position, as articulated by their Dean: We will not comment about this, nor condemn it, and we will do nothing to stop it.

We go on record as saying: We will remain silent no longer.

UC Intifada has given a platform to the worst and most vile anti-Jewish, racist speakers and organizations. They have legitimized students groups that seek the annihilation of the Jewish people. They have stood by while students are intimidated, harassed and bullied because they are not Muslims. They have been silent while the MSU indoctrinates their membership into a sleeper-cell group of radical Islam.

When they came for the Jews… I was silent because I am not Jewish.

When they came for the Gays… I was silent because I am not Gay.

When they came for the Catholics, Baha'i, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastians, Druze, and Buddhists I was silent, because I am not one of them.

When they came for me… There was no one left to help.

Let's do something.